Month: September 2013

New Market and other great stuff

MB and Janell, Janell's Gluten Free Market, Everett, WA

MB and Janell, Janell’s Gluten Free Market, Everett, WA

That’s Janell on the right.    She owns and operates a market in Everett, WA called Janell’s Gluten Free Market.  Her store is dedicated to providing gluten-free foods… And she’s our most recent retailer!

From National Guardperson to market owner, hers is a really inspiring story of how one person overcame her body’s gluten intolerance and is helping others with similar issues.  Read more about Janell here:

Her store is at 7024 Evergreeen Way, Ste A, Everett, WA.  Stop by and say “hi”.

I braved the first really wet storm of the season and caught the ferry off the island to do a tasting over there.  I even put on my “city clothes” for the event!  (A girl’s gotta put away the down coat and mud boots every once in a while!)

We also had a really fun day at the last farmers’ market of the year in Langley.  Even though the wind was blowing unsecured awnings all over town, lots of folks, both regular islanders and visitors from afar, were ignoring the gusts and enjoying the market.  A stage was set up in front of the old fire station.  My daughter stepped up to the mic for an a cappella set as well.  She sounded great, of course…and, no, I’m not the least bit biased!

Visitors from Idaho Falls, Portland and lots of other places stopped by the booth.  A couple of good friends bought bags as host gifts for upcoming travels!  These markets are always fun!

Another exciting thing happened this week:  As the previous post says, we’re on ‘s “primal post-it” contest.  That prompted quite a bit of website activity and two inquiries from Great Britain.  Ben, your granola is on its way to your place in London.  Enjoy!

We also got on Amazon this week.  The reviews are coming in…all the support is great…and a little overwhelming!

Win 8 bags of Primal Island Toasted Coconut Granola!

Mark’s Daily Apple is having a really great contest.  The short version:  place a Post-It note, with a Paleo-oriented message on it, on an item and snap a photo.  Photo-shopped photos are ok as well.  Send it to

Here is the link to the contest page:

If you win, you’ll receive 8 bags of Primal Island Toasted Coconut Granola and six of each treat from Paleo Treats… Mmmmm.


Grain-Free Granola Goes International!

Well, since we live about 50 miles (80 km) from the Canadian border, someone has probably smuggled a bag or two into another country already, but today, at one of the farmers’ markets on Whidbey, we sold 20 bags to a lovely person who is taking them to Saudi Arabia…Granola in the Desert!  The dry air is sure to keep the coconut flakes crispy!

Fun.  If you’re ever on Whidbey, come see us at the farmers’ markets in Langley, Bayview and Tilth on Friday, Saturday and Sunday through the end of September.

If you can’t make it to Whidbey, you’ll find us on the shelves at Central Co-op on Capital Hill in Seattle, Port Townsend Co-op in (wait for it…) Port Townsend!  We’re working on other stores.  Ask your people to stock it in the stores where you shop.   Or order online and we’ll send it to you…

But we’ll have to charge a little more if you want it sent to Saudi Arabia. 🙂